Though you might not have realized it, your landing on a landing page has made someone some serious money. If you click on one of the featured ads when using the Google search engine, nine out of ten times you’ll be redirected to that product’s site via a “landing page”. Instead of drowning you in product data like price points, product descriptions and specifications, etc., a landing page immediately sells to you by highlighting a product’s top features/benefits, testimonials, brief descriptions and one clear call-to-action.

See, businesses that use landing pages for “click-through” advertising realize that they might have only one chance to grab your attention. So they take advantage of strong graphics and efficient design to put the product’s best foot forward. There are many ways to design these, but the strongest landing pages have the exact elements listed in the wireframe below. Beauty isn’t as important as function. Though a throughly bad design will look “spammy”, most designs that harness the main elements below will work beautifully. What’s best, is that landing page variants can be continuously tested so as to optimize the design for the best revenue generation.